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Emerging Tech News – September 7th 2022 – VMware Explores Public Cloud

Click the link for this weeks full edition of Emerging Tech News, July 7th 2022. Top Ten stories for this week: The Cloud Is Great for Data, Except for Those Super High Costs Introducing VMware Aria Amazon Saw Arm Server … Continue reading

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Emerging Tech News August 30th: A Great Week For DPU Tech – A Not So Great Week For Me

For some time I’ve been publishing a Flipboard Magazine at the companies I’ve worked for where I collect interesting articles that come across my RSS feed and aggregate them into a magazine that I publish on a (mostly) weekly basis. … Continue reading

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In Tech We Trust – Live from VMworld 2015

For those of you who missed it live (which is probably everyone) here is the live broadcast from VMworld 2015 with the wonderful panel I managed to pull together by dragging people out of the blogger lounge in the hang … Continue reading

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DEVOPLOIS Edition #3: Container Wars

Things are heating up something fierce in the Container space as of late. This edition will focus a bit around the big announcements of the last week. ¬†Microsoft and VMware both are starting to invest heavily in container and microservices … Continue reading

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VMware joins the hyperconverged party

So the Mystic/Marvin cat is out of the bag and VMware has announced EVO:Rail as their entry in the Hyperconverged infrastructure space. There are several great blog posts about this announcement, and you can tell that VMware was very selective … Continue reading

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vExpert Weekly Digest July 9th 2014 – Betta get your BETA.

Yes its time for another not-so-weekly vExpert Weekly Digest. This week we focus on the VMware vSphere 6.0 Beta that has been released to the public. I was part of the Beta 1 team, and its been very interesting to … Continue reading

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vExpert Weekly Digest – March 23rd 2014 – Stop the VSANITY!

Bumping up against the end of the quarter and I’ve been crazy busy, alas I had some downtime this morning and pulled together another edition of the vExpert Weekly. This week, you guessed it, MOAR VSAN! Lots of VSAN, in … Continue reading

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Is the VCP the new VTAX?

Hmm, how to hop on the bandwagon of those lamenting the changes in VMware’s ¬†VCP certification program without rehashing the 80 Bajillion other blog posters who have done the same. I know, start with an inflammatory title (this tip brought … Continue reading

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vExpert Weekly Digest – March 6th 2014 – And Then God Created VSAN Edition

New edition up and ready to roll, so go check it out. Today marks the launch of VSAN, and it looks like by all accounts its going to be a very interesting year from a server and storage perspective. Obviously … Continue reading

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vExpert Weekly Digest – January 13th 2014 – Death Stars!

Continuing with updates for the year 2014, this week brings us a fine collection of links and discussions, and Death Stars!. Of special note, the VUPASS podcast asks “Do you have to be Monogomous?”, David Davis and Scott Lowe are … Continue reading

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