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Is the VCP the new VTAX?

Hmm, how to hop on the bandwagon of those lamenting the changes in VMware’s  VCP certification program without rehashing the 80 Bajillion other blog posters who have done the same. I know, start with an inflammatory title (this tip brought … Continue reading

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VCP5-DCV Achievement Unlocked

So I passed VCP5-DCV today. In typical #vDB fashion, I was the last of the group to actually get this cert in a group of significant over-achievers. VCP was my first certification in IT, having worked in the space for … Continue reading

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VCP5 Study Guides, Books of Note, and VMUG’s

  The title is obviously self explanatory. Now that I am back working in the VMware space 24/7 its time to buckle down and knock my VCP5 out. Yes I am lame and missed the free test opportunity for VCP4 holders. Which … Continue reading

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