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Podcast Idol Application

Dear readers (what few of you there may actually be after a one year blogging hiatus) Oh happy day is upon us, I have returned, just as the phoenix rises from the flames, I too have managed to do what … Continue reading

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In Tech We Trust – Live from VMworld 2015

For those of you who missed it live (which is probably everyone) here is the live broadcast from VMworld 2015 with the wonderful panel I managed to pull together by dragging people out of the blogger lounge in the hang … Continue reading

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2005 Called, They Want Their Storage Issues Back

Bear with me folks, as this is going to be a two-parter, and yes I ramble when I write, which is also how I speak. Like many people who work in the technology field, I’m a bit of a pack … Continue reading

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Cisco To Buy Nutanix?

This is about as likely to happen as me becoming a vegetarian. Which is not to say that it’s not an outright impossibility, but the probability is very very low. Like many people, I’ve heard the rumors of Cisco looking to … Continue reading

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SNLDD Episode #9: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

The storage wars of the mid/late 2000s were fairly legendary, at least that was my take on it from an outsiders viewpoint. There was a period from around 2008-2011 where it went pretty hot and heavy,  with the various corporate bloggers/evangelists of … Continue reading

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Pivoting For Prosperity and Profit

Silicon Valley is one of my favorite shows on TV, right behind Halt and Catch Fire. It’s good to see the tech sector getting some exposure in episodic TV outside of the abysmal farce that is the Big Bang Theory.  Given … Continue reading

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Do You Drink The Kool-Aid Or Do You Make It?

I think this blog post has been sitting in my brain for a long time, but some recent events have prompted me to commit it to text. Anyone who has been reading this site for the last few years has seen … Continue reading

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Can you execute before the window closes?

I love football. To me it’s the only real sport in the US worth watching (besides playoff Hockey).  There are a lot of really amazing quarterbacks in the league today. Since its a throwing game a good amount of the … Continue reading

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Startup Life: A Years Worth Of Activity

So this marks my one year anniversary with the Hyperconverged Infrastructure company SimpliVity. Since the dotcom-bust, this is the first real “start-up” I’ve worked at, though I use the term start-up only in the sense that the company was bringing … Continue reading

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#SNLDD Episode 4: Dance Monkey Dance

  After a brief hiatus, SNLDD is returning this week where the topic will be Presenting to Customers. I do a lot of customer presentations. The split is around 50/50 in person or over the web. I personally prefer in … Continue reading

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