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I am your technical resource on the sales team.

I am here to do lots of things that I’ve never done before. Roughly ten months into the embrace of the “Dark Side” and it’s time for a bit of a brain dump. I’m heading into my first Sales Kick … Continue reading

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TechCrunch seems a little fixated on something

Hmmm I wonder what it could be? I’m pretty sure  nearly everyone of those “articles” could be combined into one decent article that discussed the Apple earnings report, but then there would be 20 out of work “writers” clogging up … Continue reading

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Patent Law: EMC vs Zerto, sometimes it’s “personal”

It seems like the last few years  have seen a plethora of lawsuits between major players against smaller competitors who have started to encroach upon their business. I have written about Symantec vs Veeam/Acronis in the past and I continue … Continue reading

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Life Imitates Facebook

File under Facepalm/Epic Fail on my part.  

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ATWT: Around the Web Today

Just some random musing found today: Chris Evans: Storage QoS – How hard can it be? Apparently hard, and no SSD’s will not fix everything. Got mad Vmware skillz? Live in Phoenix, AZ? Hey look a job. The last people … Continue reading

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I took a vacation and forgot to read stuff

Fun fact: this was the first holiday period I have didn’t have to work through in probably the last 12 years. Vacation or Holiday downtime in the past has consisted of me carrying my phone and laptop around with me … Continue reading

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