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Shameless plug: VMworld 2012 Session Voting starts now

So as all 3 of the people who read my blog know, I submitted a session to VMworld this year, and voting has begun. So what better to do than to ho myself across the tubes to get votes. I can’t … Continue reading

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So I submitted a session for VMworld

A first for me: Session Title: Simulating Storage IO workloads within virtual environments Session Type: Breakout Session Session Abstract: With Tier 1 applications becoming commonplace within virtual environments, the need to simulate the IO profiles of those workloads prior to deployment has … Continue reading

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Defending the indefensible

And the hits just keep coming: West Virginia will save money on training technicians because they’ll only have to learn how to fix one type of router, not multiple routers, said Strickling, Obama’s point man on broadband issues. “West Virginia … Continue reading

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This is why we can’t have nice things, your tax dollars at waste.

Caught the Speaking in Tech podcast this morning while I was out for a run and was just floored by this story about the State of West Virginia buying $24 million worth of Cisco 3945 routers at $22k each for use … Continue reading

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Drinking from the firehose

  A favorite movie from my high school years was Weird Al Yankovic’s UHF.  Seriously, if you have never seen it, there is a treasure trove of one liners and perfectly timed bit comedic performances. For the vast majority of the world, it … Continue reading

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It makes you want to cry

From the everlong “what did you learn today” thread at ARS, comes this tale of woe. Remember to vet those shipping companies. Also, a single tie down for something like that will never cut it. Apparently there goes $180k of … Continue reading

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