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Startup Life: A Years Worth Of Activity

So this marks my one year anniversary with the Hyperconverged Infrastructure company SimpliVity. Since the dotcom-bust, this is the first real “start-up” I’ve worked at, though I use the term start-up only in the sense that the company was bringing … Continue reading

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vExpert Weekly Digest – March 23rd 2014 – Stop the VSANITY!

Bumping up against the end of the quarter and I’ve been crazy busy, alas I had some downtime this morning and pulled together another edition of the vExpert Weekly. This week, you guessed it, MOAR VSAN! Lots of VSAN, in … Continue reading

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#SNLDD Episode 5: Becoming a Corporate Sellout

Once again, free time permits a new episode of Saturday Night Live Deep Dive. This week the topic will be “Becoming a Corporate Sellout” As usual, obligatory alarming headline is being used to generate traffic. Unless you have lived under … Continue reading

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Is the VCP the new VTAX?

Hmm, how to hop on the bandwagon of those lamenting the changes in VMware’s ¬†VCP certification program without rehashing the 80 Bajillion other blog posters who have done the same. I know, start with an inflammatory title (this tip brought … Continue reading

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vExpert Weekly Digest – March 6th 2014 – And Then God Created VSAN Edition

New edition up and ready to roll, so go check it out. Today marks the launch of VSAN, and it looks like by all accounts its going to be a very interesting year from a server and storage perspective. Obviously … Continue reading

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