DEVOPLOIS Edition #3: Container Wars

TScreen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.38.23 AMhings are heating up something fierce in the Container space as of late. This edition will focus a bit around the big announcements of the last week.  Microsoft and VMware both are starting to invest heavily in container and microservices offerings that will lure the cloud savvy customer base into their folds. VMware has pulled out all the stops when it comes to their full fledged entry into the Container world with the launch of Open Source projects or “Cloud Native Apps”: Photon, Lattice, and Lightwave. Make sure to read the Platform article as its probably the best at laying out what VMware is looking to do. Look for the throngs of VMware fanboys to push heavily into what should be a fairly new space for many of them.

I for one will be very curious to read into the positioning of these technologies, and the benefit afforded by leveraging a hypervisor in a world where bare metal is the dominate delivery vehicle (at least based on the customers I’ve been working with). More thoughts to follow.

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