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Recognizing Disruption and the Death of the Storage Admin

Fun Fact, I wrote this in November of last year. Still holds up. Figured I publish it.   I’ve spent pretty much the last few years speaking to customers about the many disruptive forces that are invading the traditional Information … Continue reading

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Musings on the last year, successful exits, and the future in general

Let me preface this one with there has been a lot of stuff locked away in my noggin that I’ve simply not taken the time to sit down and spit out. Fun fact, I’ve been busy. Since joining SolidFire in … Continue reading

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Epic Facepalm: MS Azure Storage Cloud Down

How an oversight of this magnitude appears for what I would consider is a mission critical platform like Cloud Storage is beyond my basic comprehension. It will beĀ interestingĀ to see what the blow back will be and how the Technology Press … Continue reading

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