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Do You Drink The Kool-Aid Or Do You Make It?

I think this blog post has been sitting in my brain for a long time, but some recent events have prompted me to commit it to text. Anyone who has been reading this site for the last few years has seen … Continue reading

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Can you execute before the window closes?

I love football. To me it’s the only real sport in the US worth watching (besides playoff Hockey).  There are a lot of really amazing quarterbacks in the league today. Since its a throwing game a good amount of the … Continue reading

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SNLDD #7: When is it Time to Jump Ship?

Updated: This session will be happening on 7/19. Stay tuned. Keeping with the tradition of sporadic epsidoal content, this week on #SNLDD Episode 7 the team will discuss the concept of “Jumping Ship” or changing jobs. So just a few … Continue reading

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The Journey To Leadership Starts With Having Vision

In 2009, Gartner released the Magic Quadrant for Web Hosting and Hosted Cloud System Infrastructure Services. At that time,  Amazon Web Services, AWS for short, appeared as one of the Visionaries in the space. I have to wonder, if at that … Continue reading

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vExpert Weekly Digest – MARVIN Mania & Docker-o-Rama

In this weeks edition, lots of discussion around VMware’s foray into the hardware world with MARVIN. Docker appears to be popping up everywhere, I hear more buzz around it than Big Data at the moment, and the concept of containerization, … Continue reading

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SNLDD#6 Getting Fired for prosperity and profit

Like all things I do, this is sporadic, and spontaneous. Remember Conan knew what was best in life, I’m guessing that fluctuated as well. All that said, this week lets talk about getting shit-canned, how it happened, why it happened, … Continue reading

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