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Dell Marketing takes the “Cloud” to a whole new level

Clayton Sotos – Visual Innovators from Visual Innovators on Vimeo. I don’t know if this is legit or not, but its hilarious. I will say this, fake or real, its beautifully shot, funny, and does manage to highlight the product … Continue reading

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Marketers vs Academics opposite sides of the same coin.

Greg Schulz (@ storageio) posted today about a UCSD study on the future of SSD/NAND Flash disk. As with anything Greg puts out, it’s a well thought out, sourced, and informative post. I’ve come to really value Greg’s opinion, and there … Continue reading

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Symantec files frivilous lawsuit against Veeam and Acronis

Symantec filed a lawsuit against both Veeam and Acronis claiming “patent infrigement” and loss of business. Full disclosure, I know a good number of people who work at Veeam. I also was a participant at their recent Sales Kickoff as … Continue reading

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Digging deeper into per VM cost analysis

I consider this pretty high level and overly general. I’ve written this more in the style of a memo form that I could provide to management as a way to help them understand the costs associated with virtual systems within … Continue reading

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2012 vExpert Nominations are now open

So while I twitter away all my free time studying for VCP5, which yes I will be taking on Feb 28th along with half the rest of the planet. I saw a tweet from@ChrisWahl (Wahlnetwork) that the vExpert nominations are … Continue reading

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Memes for vNerds

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