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Tech Reporting Should Be Better

My RSS feed has a lot of technology reporting sites in it. I keep most of the feeds segmented into groups like Virtualization, Storage, etc. The interesting thing in doing it that way is that you get to see a lot of … Continue reading

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FUD WARS – Educational Benefits

FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) have a long history of being deployed as a weapon of choice in the vendor space. I think we have all seen our fair share of mud flinging either in good sporting gest, or in … Continue reading

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Yes more Veeam Holiday Goodness Giveaways

Full disclosure, I have many friends who work at Veeam, I have also been a guest of theirs as a customer reference in 2011. That said, I’ve written a bit about Veeam in the past on this blog. I’ve also … Continue reading

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Audio Enlightenment: Podcasts you should be listening too.

I listen to a lot of podcasts to keep up with current technical information. It helps a lot since in my line of work one must be abreast of a lot of the most current trends and technical marketecture. Here … Continue reading

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Baby 3PAR to the rescue

As someone who was very keen to get my hands on 3PAR gear before HP bought them and who had seen his last storage array vendor gobbled up by Dell, I had mixed feelings about HP being the winner in … Continue reading

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Blog Changes

So blogging has been very light as of late. The transition to the dark side has been interesting to say the least. As all 3 of you who read this site know I am still active on the twitters, but … Continue reading

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