Emerging Tech News – September 7th 2022 – VMware Explores Public Cloud

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Commentary: A lot in the news since last week which saw the VMware Explore conference and a ton of announcements from them and their ecosystem partners. Much of the focus remains exclusively on hybrid cloud, and the larger exodus from on-prem to managed cloud services on AWS, GCP, and Azure with the bigger thrust of that focus being on AWS. As the Broadcom acquisition comes soon to a close, what remains to be seen is how much of the work VMware has done (and invested in) towards the larger shift to the Big3 Cloud vendors will bear fruit when Broadcom takes control of the reins. At it’s initial launch VMware Cloud on AWS was positioned as a means to allow VMware customers to maintain some semblance of control as they shifted into the major IaaS providers, but it was costly, restrictive, and limited in its scope compared to your standard lift and shift methodology. Their efforts in going “cloud native” seem to be at odds with what the Public Cloud offers as a whole, and the smart money is in their shift in focus to “hybrid”, which I’ve always felt was the stronger play for them. Keep in mind, most devs want seamless access to cloud native services, and placing a costly middleware tier just to manage the server basics seemed a fools errand. Retaining your customer base by embracing a hybrid model, and the reduced friction incorporated with that appears at this point to be a smart move on their part. I wouldn’t exactly say that VMware is giving up on their prior incarnation, much of the news out of Explore this week saw big changes continue to be announced that will allow customers much more granular and cost effective means to provision VMware as their hypervisor of choice in the public cloud. More of the focus shifted to modernization of VMware and a mimicking of AWS and their Nitro concept with the addition of the Project Monterey participants who are now pushing DPU’s that will run vSphere as well as related VMware services directly on those cards. Couple that with Aria being a more comprehensive management platform focused on hybrid-cloud management , security, and visibility and you have a fundamental shift in direction for VMware customers to take as they embrace the hybrid cloud model.

Cloud isn’t a location, but an operational model and VMware with its massive install base is working hard to remove friction, and retain customers with a more comprehensive hybrid cloud model. On top of that, they are working to expand storage offerings outside of VSAN by partnering with NetApp who has, much like VMware, made a multi-year journey of being a primary public cloud solution that adds a much more enterprise admin look and feel to their offerings. As a legacy vendor of technology services that long ago won the hearts and minds (and pocketbooks) of most IT organizations, VMware is working hard to remain relevant in a world where public cloud first seems to be the order of the day.

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