Prime Mover, Technologist, Unapologetic Randian, Social Media Junky, Red Light Saber Owner, Writer, Bacon Lover, and Deep Thinker. I aim to Speak Truth to Technology and make complex ideas sound simple. Stalk me on Twitter as @Bacon_Is_King. Listen to me weekly on In Tech We Trust Podcast.

I’m currently a Cloud Architect with SolidFire, where I focus on creating Agile Infrastructure solutions with our key strategic partners.

I have spent 18 years working in the Information Technology arena, starting out as a Tech Support engineer and steadily moving forward. I am a voracious consumer of information and a multi-threaded rapid assimilator of complex information technologies. I have specialized in storage and virtualization for the last decade. Today I my primary area of expertise revolves around storage, data center virtualization, hyper-converged infrastructure, Cloud, DevOps, and Enterprise computing.

Things that geek me: storage/compute technologies, performance metrics and analysis, cloud computing/automation, technical marketing, competitive analysis, public speaking, technical evangelism, go to market strategy, social media, community building and outreach. The bigger the audience the better.

I am always looking to make new connections in the technology space, please send me an invite to connect. Also, if you are looking for consulting or guidance in the areas of Hyper Convergence, Open Systems, Cloud, Storage or Virtualization please let me know.


You can stalk me online:  Twitter: @Bacon_Is_King | Blog: www.gabrielchapman.com | Podcast: InTechWeTrust | Skype: GabrielChapman | LinkedIn

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