I turn ideas into revenue through storytelling, go-to-market enablement, and technical evangelization

Prime Mover, Technologist, Unapologetic Randian, Social Media Junky, Red Light Saber Owner, Writer, Bacon Lover, and Deep Thinker. I aim to Speak Truth to Technology and make complex ideas sound simple. Stalk me on Twitter as @Bacon_Is_King. You can hear me wax poetically on the now defunct  In Tech We Trust Podcast.

I’m currently a Solutions Architect with the startup Infrastructure company Fungible

A growth-focused thought leader with expertise spanning cloud, software, services, infrastructure, virtualization, cloud, and container technologies. My primary goal is to maximize revenue by aligning technology, solutions, strategy, and objectives with established business development and operations management paradigms. I have a excelled in crafting and leading go-to-market strategy, sales enablement, as well as product and solutions marketing across a wide disparity of technology areas and verticals. I am always looking to make new connections in the industry.

You can stalk me online:  Twitter: @Bacon_Is_King | Blog: www.gabrielchapman.com | Podcast: InTechWeTrust | Skype: GabrielChapman | LinkedIn

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