vExpert Weekly Digest – March 6th 2014 – And Then God Created VSAN Edition

3-6-2014 11-27-59 AMNew edition up and ready to roll, so go check it out.

Today marks the launch of VSAN, and it looks like by all accounts its going to be a very interesting year from a server and storage perspective. Obviously I work in a space where converged infrastructure plays a part in how storage is created and provisioned in the datacenter. In my view VSAN will be a great product for some organizations but not all and really that’s what most product are. They have their fit and niche that they address best, and some will be a better fit than others. With that said, I think its probably the most relevant announcement to come out of  VMware in the last two years. Hats off to the guys running the VSAN product and marketing group, they have done a great job at priming the pump and setting up expectations. The only thing missing from today’s announcement was the pricing, once again, good marketing.

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