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Podcast Idol Application

Dear readers (what few of you there may actually be after a one year blogging hiatus) Oh happy day is upon us, I have returned, just as the phoenix rises from the flames, I too have managed to do what … Continue reading

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Google Reader – Oh How I will Miss Thee

I could have written this post. T-Minus 14 days till the immanent demise of Google Reader, a product I’ve used for a number of years on a daily basis for simple consumption of media. Sad Fact: I have google reader … Continue reading

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Epic Facepalm: MS Azure Storage Cloud Down

How an oversight of this magnitude appears for what I would consider is a mission critical platform like Cloud Storage is beyond my basic comprehension. It will be interesting to see what the blow back will be and how the Technology Press … Continue reading

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Life Imitates Facebook

File under Facepalm/Epic Fail on my part.  

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Tech Reporting Should Be Better

My RSS feed has a lot of technology reporting sites in it. I keep most of the feeds segmented into groups like Virtualization, Storage, etc. The interesting thing in doing it that way is that you get to see a lot of … Continue reading

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Defending the indefensible

And the hits just keep coming: West Virginia will save money on training technicians because they’ll only have to learn how to fix one type of router, not multiple routers, said Strickling, Obama’s point man on broadband issues. “West Virginia … Continue reading

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This is why we can’t have nice things, your tax dollars at waste.

Caught the Speaking in Tech podcast this morning while I was out for a run and was just floored by this story about the State of West Virginia buying $24 million worth of Cisco 3945 routers at $22k each for use … Continue reading

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It makes you want to cry

From the everlong “what did you learn today” thread at ARS, comes this tale of woe. Remember to vet those shipping companies. Also, a single tie down for something like that will never cut it. Apparently there goes $180k of … Continue reading

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