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Dear readers (what few of you there may actually be after a one year blogging hiatus) Oh happy day is upon us, I have returned, just as the phoenix rises from the flames, I too have managed to do what comes naturally, that is, talking about myself.

In all actuality I have been hella busy. The last 4 months post NetApp acquisition has been a challenge to say the least. It’s also been a great learning opportunity and I plan to start chronicling a lot more of that process on these her pages for you dear reader (count your lucky stars)!

SIT-logoObviously, that time is not now. For those of you who listen to Speaking In Tech podcast, you will notice that Sara Vela has decided to leave the show to pursue a career in opera, or street singing, or something of that nature (Keep Austin Weird). Alas, this leaves an opening in the shows cast for a new member to join and opine weekly on all the tech things. Thus, I figured why not put my application into a blog post and force myself to actually sit down and write something.

Being an illeists (look it up) here is my submission for Podcast Idol.bobdole

You know the Gabriel, he’s actually been on Speaking In Tech before, occasionally he shows up on his own group Podcast called In Tech We Trust (always be plugging). The Gabriel would make an excellent co-host and or host, sidekick, man servant, lackey, digital butler, minion and or cabana boy for the Speaking In Tech podcast. Having achieved the status of “employable” in the technology field for the last 20 years, Gabriel has managed to amass a stunning array of unimpressive knowledge for which he is in no way qualified to deliver his opinion on. This would include some of or all of or possibly even none of the following:

  • boxes that you plug wires into
  • wires you plug into boxes
  • information we used to store in books
  • books we now store on disks
  • disks we now store inside of boxes that you plug wires into
  • hyphenated words of varying length
  • tubes that carry the information we used to store in books but also store on disks inside of boxes with blinking lights
  • consumption of meat and meat like products

oldpeoplevsnewpeopleAs you can see, these are top of mind subjects that any podcast listener would find to be utterly fascinating, and of course would hold their interest for the duration of at at least 60 seconds or the amount of time it takes to swipe left or right on tindr (whichever is shorter).  This is obviously the most important skill required for Speaking In Tech, because lets face it, informed commentary on technical matters boils down to rolling bones in a pan and deciphering their meanings and then making a proclamation of fact.

All of that said, please simply provide Gabriel with the proper credentials and the an invite to the Speaking In Tech slack channel and lets get this show started.

Oh and as for that other show I’m on, who said you can’t do two podcasts as poorly as one?

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