#SNLDD Episode 4: Dance Monkey Dance


monkeyAfter a brief hiatus, SNLDD is returning this week where the topic will be Presenting to Customers. I do a lot of customer presentations. The split is around 50/50 in person or over the web. I personally prefer in person because I like group dynamics and customer feedback. I know some presenters who will use webcams during gotomeeting sessions, but I find that customers are resistant to that, not to mention the logistical challenges. That said, when I first started out in Sales Engineering, I was initially terrified to present, but now its one of my favorite things to do.

So this Saturday we can cover a few items:

  1. Common pitfalls and mistakes made when starting out
  2. Practice makes perfect, until it doesnt
  3. Why I tend to “wing it”
  4. Group dynamics
  5. Dealing with “Crossed Arms Man”, dissenters, and ratholes.

As usual, G+ Hangouts are awful, so we will continue to use them. I think I have it dialed in now on how to start and schedule a Hangout properly. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it some day.

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