Defending the indefensible

And the hits just keep coming:

West Virginia will save money on training technicians because they’ll only have to learn how to fix one type of router, not multiple routers, said Strickling, Obama’s point man on broadband issues.

“West Virginia believes they have found the most economical solution by buying a single product and getting a substantial discount,” Strickling said.

We are in the very best of hands :rolleyes: I’m pretty sure that there are no additional support steps for Cisco IOS that vary greatly between the different router models. Sure there may be additional cards to support that would not be common across different platforms, but the operating system is uniform.

And as for the “discount”, uh there is no way in hell the cost of buying the appropriate router needed for each location vs buying one size fits all was cheaper. This guys just talking out of his ass.

As of last week, more than 300 routers remained boxed up in storage. The stored routers came with a five-year service warranty, so the state has already lost two years of free maintenance on the devices.

At Wednesday’s hearing, Strickling was asked why West Virginia purchased more routers than needed. State officials, he said, later learned that many sites already had suitable routers and fiber connections.

Of course they did, and I’d hazard a guess they were working fine and didn’t need to be upgraded at all.

Yeah, lets drop a router that can support 50,000 users into that library that has 6 computers in it.

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