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So blogging has been very light as of late. The transition to the dark side has been interesting to say the least. As all 3 of you who read this site know I am still active on the twitters, but the actual content writing for the blog has been neglected to say the least.

VMworld was crazy this year, and honestly after reading 200 other “hey this is what happened at VMworld” blog posts, I just didnt feel the inspiration to actually write one myself. Honestly this is a shame because the birth of something awesome happened there this year. Keep an eye out for #vDB which will be unleashed upon the world soon enough.

That said, news posts forthcoming. Oh and I got tired of the old theme and changed it to this one, and I’m still tweaking it, and the blog title has changed to reflect my desire to see RAID replaced as a protection method. Do I have a replacement for it yet? Not really, but lets just allow it to reflect my continual astonishment that its the primary data protection scheme we have available today. Oh and then lets think about how long it takes to rebuild a 4 TB disk drive.

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