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Yes more Veeam Holiday Goodness Giveaways

Full disclosure, I have many friends who work at Veeam, I have also been a guest of theirs as a customer reference in 2011. That said, I’ve written a bit about Veeam in the past on this blog. I’ve also … Continue reading

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VeeamZip: Free VM Backup for VMware and Hyper-V

Something very handy released today by the good folks over at Veeam: VeeamZip  Very, very handy tool for those of you who need to simply rip a VM off a host and move it, or want to do some quick … Continue reading

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Hyper-V vs VMware a response to Nate at TechopsGuys

I read this post by Nate over at TechOpsGuys about Hyper-V vs VMware. It’s a good read and Nate brings several salient points to discussing the challenges facing VMware in the future as Hyper-V comes into feature parity with VMware. … Continue reading

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VMWare will be moving towards a consumption based pricing model.

VMware CEO Maritz: Get Ready For Consumption-Based Pricing Quote: “We are going to have to move towards more of a consumption-based model. This is where we are going,” Maritz said at the event Thursday, as reported by Computerworld UK. “We … Continue reading

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