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How are you managing vSphere – C# vs WebGUI

Per a tweet put out by Trevor Pott. This got me thinking as well. The WebGUI has been out for a while, We all know that the new feature functions leverage it in 5.X, yet when I talk to a … Continue reading

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#vTax is dead, long live #vTax

Cat is out of the bag now, and the #vTax is dead. My bet is that VMware might be a tad bit pissed that this leaked ahead of schedule (like the CEO change) due to leaks and or rumors even though the article … Continue reading

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VAAI Primitives List

Stephen Foskett put together a nice list of all the VAAI Primitives here. VMware’s introduced the “vStorage APIs for Array Integration” (VAAI) in vSphere 4.1, and block-heads like me went nuts. We’ve been trying to integrate storage and servers for … Continue reading

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Finding the sweetspot with ESXi5 Licensing

As most of you know, VMware decided to change their licensing model for vSphere 5 just prior to VMWorld 2011 this year. The results were less than positive. I think the initial thread in VMTN forums was close to 133k … Continue reading

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VMWare will be moving towards a consumption based pricing model.

VMware CEO Maritz: Get Ready For Consumption-Based Pricing Quote: “We are going to have to move towards more of a consumption-based model. This is where we are going,” Maritz said at the event Thursday, as reported by Computerworld UK. “We … Continue reading

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