VAAI Primitives List

Stephen Foskett put together a nice list of all the VAAI Primitives here.

VMware’s introduced the “vStorage APIs for Array Integration” (VAAI) in vSphere 4.1, and block-heads like me went nuts. We’ve been trying to integrate storage and servers for decades, and VMware’s APIs finally allowed this to work in truly seamless fashion. But the world of VAAI is a thicket of bizarre naming and puzzling functionality. Some VAAI primitives are ignored or even hidden! Let’s take a look at the complete list.

A nice to have all in one listing of the primitives for both ESXi 4.1 and ESXi 5.0. Really the changes to the storage API’s along with Storage DRS and other storage related upgrades are the only real compelling reasons right now for me to migrate to ESXi 5. I standardized on ESXi instead of ESX early on,  well I rebuilt the entire environment once I found out that ESX was going away, and I’m glad I did it sooner than later. It will definitely make it easier on me for the upgrade process.

VMWareTips has a pretty comprehensive list of all the changes. Most of this is old news, but I’ve been playing catch up as I have purposely tried to shy away from ESXi 5 because I’m taking the VCP410 later this month and just don’t want all the confusion in my brain.

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