VMworld 2012: Smithers unleash the hounds

So VMworld 2012 is right around the corner. Unlike last year when I went and had no idea who/what/where/why/how this year I have a pretty good understanding of what I want to do, who I want to meetup with, yadda yadda.

First, #VMUnderground party, its like the Skull and Bones for the vCrowd. Tickets for sold out in 7 minutes, yes 700 tickets in 7 minutes if you didn’t get one, hit up any of the sponsor vendors and perhaps they will take pity upon you, or beg (thats how I got in last year).  VMunderground was where I met some of the coolest people in the social media/blogger community for VMware and it essentially launched my interest in blogging about Virtualization. It also is how I met other vExperts and got interested in giving back to the VMware community.

#v0dgeball: This year, all proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project  one of the best charities out there. I will be on the vExpert team with  Doug Baer, William Huber, Kyle Ruddy, Jay Weinshenker, Tim Antonowicz, Randy Stanley, James Bowling, Jim Millard, and Luke Gray yeah our team has 3 of the 91 VCDX’s on the planet. The combined VMware knowledge pool is pretty deep, so if we can’t beat the other teams, we can certainly out design them. Oh and since Amy Lewis from Cisco stole #TeamBacon, I had to go to extreme measures to exact revenge by going to my local medium to converse with Rip Torn, and he assured my victory, and a sandwich. You can’t mess with that kind of destiny.

Lots of cool sessions this year, I’m going to be focusing on VXLAN, Cloud Foundry, Networking, and of course Storage.






Still the nice thing about VMworld is being able to watch recorded sessions that you miss in person. Also new this year is booth duty. I’ll be pitching in at the Emulex booth #2023 so come on by and say hello. Also as a special treat, I’m  setting up some private tech discussions around 16G Fibre Channel and its use cases, if that’s something you are interested in please let me know ASAP. Several of my tweeps have shown interest so I’m trying to schedule something that works for everyone who wants to attend.

That’s it for now, hope to see you all there.


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