RUN! Podcast #4, have a listen

So I was invited to be a participant on the RUN! podcast a while back and it was just released today. I have been listening to a number of podcasts in the tech space for some time and find them to be entertaining and valuable. Some go pretty deep into the technology, where others are more lighthearted, fun, and entertaining.

Right now I would recommend the follow:

RUN!  Marc Farley,  Matthew Brender,   and Roger Strukhoff  are on their 4th episode of a new podcast where they discuss technology and how we use it and how it uses us.

Professional VMware’s Brownbag series – primarily focuses on VMware VCAP deep dives and lots of training for VCP/VCAP certfications. Damian Karlson and Cody Bunch plus a host of others all contribute to a highly valuable resource for those of you deep into the VMware realm.

InfosmackNigel Poulton and Rick Vanover are now running the show there, and its great deep dives into much of the enterprise storage space

Speaking In TechGreg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch, and Sara Vela have one of the more entertaining podcasts as the group has great chemistry, and great insights into the world of Enterprise tech, plus they get some really awesome guests

VMware Communities:  John Troyer and Alex Maierrun  over the who what when and where of VMware

vSoup:  provides the international flair for all things virtualization with your hosts  Chris Dearden ,  Christian Mohn , and Ed Czerwin 

Well thats going to do it for now, subscribe to each one of those shows and keep up with the trends in enterprise tech, storage, and virtualization.

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