DevOpolis Edition #2: OpenStack Summit, Vote Early | Vote Often

This weeks EdScreen Shot 2015-02-22 at 10.00.28 AMition brings tries to grab a swath of “Vote for Me” links into one area. It’s amazing how many sessions are being submitted by the various vendors, and I think it lends credence to their push to engage at a full partnership level with the OpenStack community. It also means that with so many vendors pushing for sessions, that the voices of the common man may be diluted.  At this stage, OSS is starting to take on the feel of earlier VMworld conferences, say circa 2009/2010. And with that comes the maturation into a vendor driven conference, that is still very much driven by the developer community at large. This is bound to happen as the platform matures, and as businesses start to adopt it whole sale. As I wrote the other day, the Developers have won, and as such their voices will carry more weight, and the growth of OSS is one more inflection point that backs this.

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