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Funfact: This post will be markety in nature. I just got back from the Gartner Data Center Symposium where we (SimpliVity) were Platinum sponsor. This was my first time at a Gartner based event and I found the overall atmosphere … Continue reading

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vExpert Weekly Digest – December 6th 2013

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. This week finds a good collection of stuff not necessarily VMware related, but still well within the Virtualization realm. Overall a bit of a slow week, I’m guessing it has something to do with … Continue reading

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VMUG Portlandia

I only recently started watching Portlandia, yes its funny and worth at least an introductory viewing. That said, I’ll be displaying my wares at the Portland VMUG this November 12th, so if you are in the area please swing by … Continue reading

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Visitor vs Vendor: A tale of two VMworlds

My buddy Gabe Maentz asked me during VMworld this year what it’s like to attend as a Visitor and what its like to attend as a Vendor. I think its a good question because most certainly the show is completely … Continue reading

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Going to VMworld? Stop by and see me.

So the preparation for VMworld is in full swing with the floor build out starting Thursday around 1PM. It’s always amazing to me how a giant conference hall can go from empty floor space to huge Solutions Exchange in a … Continue reading

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PuppetConf 2013

I’m here in San Francisco at PuppetConf, a special thanks to Trevor Pott who provided me with a pass to the expo. I’ve had very limited exposure to Puppet, and the other orchestration/config management platforms. For those of us who … Continue reading

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vExpert Weekly Digest – August 19th 2013

This weeks digest is ready for your casual consumption.With VMworld 2013 is only a few short days away. I’ve been busy prepping for all that I must do that week. In fact I’ll be in San Fran this Thursday attending … Continue reading

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My Biggest Competitor: The Status Quo

For the record, I’ve never heard of the British band “The Status Quo“. Apparently they are a pretty big deal in the UK, but unlike say the British Invasion bands (The Who, Beatles, The Rolling Stones, or even later Pink … Continue reading

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Beast Mode at the Seattle VMUG User Conference

Following the back to back VMUG’s in San Diego and Silicon Valley, I found myself a week later back in my home town of Seattle, WA.  This trip was especially fun because it was a mini-reunion for several members of … Continue reading

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Back to Back VMUG’s

My new role is primarily customer facing and there is a significant focus on the VMware User Group (VMUG) Community.With the removal of the VMForum events in the US, the VMUG End User Conferences have pretty much taken over as … Continue reading

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