Going to VMworld? Stop by and see me.

VMworld_Promo_8.13.13So the preparation for VMworld is in full swing with the floor build out starting Thursday around 1PM. It’s always amazing to me how a giant conference hall can go from empty floor space to huge Solutions Exchange in a mere 48 hours. Whats even more impressive is just how good those crane lift drivers are as they navigate a sea of boxes, partially built booth displays, and racks of kit. Imagine if a 747 full of racks of servers, storage,  and vendor displays threw up in a conference hall. Thats what the floor looks like on Friday at noon.

Let me lay out whats going down this week. I’ll be working the booth for SimpliVity where I will be meeting with VMworld attendees and discussing the benefits of our Hyper-Converged Infrastructure building block, the OmniCube. Just last Monday we announced the Second Generation OmniCube platforms which will provide a greater variety of options for customers looking to deploy their virtual infrastructure quickly, efficiently, and with a full compliment of VM-Centric data management, disaster recovery, and mobility options.


Powering this platform is our OmniStack technology. This is the core technology stack that allows our OmniCube platform to provide in-line deduplication, compression, and optimization of all data in real-time at a very granular level. While the immediate thought that comes to mind with deduplication and compression of data are the space savings aspects, the far more significant result of real time dedupe/compression is the reduction of IO for your workloads. Gene Amdahl put it: “the best IO is the one you don’t have to do”, I would throw onto that, “the one you don’t have to pay for”, but in essence the point that is to be taken away is that reduction of IO for your underlying data infrastructure should be a key tenant of data optimization and management strategies.

Time and energy not spent writing redundant virtual machine data, delta’s of backups, or replicating data that isn’t needed will result in data efficiency that many solutions today cannot offer. Yes we can design a reference architecture, or converged solution that can incorporate parts of this strategy, but ultimately those systems will be limited by the fact that the underlying file system being used was not designed with this functionality at its core. Bolting on a deduplication process after you have already created your base file system isn’t going to be nearly as elegant or efficient, and that is why many solutions that provided deduplication or even compression perform these operations in a post process fashion.

So with that said, this is just the tip of the iceberg, there is much more to discuss, so please swing by our Booth #1023 and hit me or any of the other team members up and we can give you a live demo and overview, you can also register for a demo and get additional chances to win the Car.. And of course the Car, how could I forget that we are giving away an Audi R8 for a year. To bolster your chances to win, come by the booth, get a demo, and come to our Session: VSVC7498 – Deploying The Software Defined Data Center Today—Customer Perspectives and Tips on Optimizing VMware Environments with SDDC  for additional chances to win.

Hope to see you soon.

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  1. gregschulz says:

    See you next week at VMworld with or without bacon, physical or virtual ;)…

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