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Hyper converged is just the tip, let me show you my rack

To say that the Hyper Converged appliance marketplace is “so hot” right now is more or less understatement of the year. Nutanix, Simplivity, Scale Computing, Nimboxx, Pivot3, EVO:Rail, and now Stratoscale (who just secured a 32M B round without even … Continue reading

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The Federation Is Now Complete

Before reading further, read this post from Chad Sakac. Now allow me to talk out my ass and inject wild speculation prefaced by the fact that I’m speaking on my own behalf. First: I think when most people read that … Continue reading

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The Journey To Leadership Starts With Having Vision

In 2009, Gartner released the Magic Quadrant for Web Hosting and Hosted Cloud System Infrastructure Services. At that time,  Amazon Web Services, AWS for short, appeared as one of the Visionaries in the space. I have to wonder, if at that … Continue reading

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VMUG-ED in April, or In This Post I Drop Names

April is a busy month. Preface: You may ask “What’s with all the name drops”  in this post? Well, these are all people I would suggest you follow on twitter. Think of this is an elongated #FF. I have linked … Continue reading

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The Mother of All Demos

I came across this today and it was simply fascinating. For those of us who work and present on technology what is presented is essentially the birth of the “Demo” along with the beginnings of what we might equate as … Continue reading

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3E’s of Storage Part Deux

Quick Stealth Edit: I should preface a lot of this with much of this discussion is focused on storage in Virtualized Environments, but the overall gist of the 3E’s should apply to physical as well. So in part one, I … Continue reading

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vExpert Weekly Digest – August 19th 2013

This weeks digest is ready for your casual consumption.With VMworld 2013 is only a few short days away. I’ve been busy prepping for all that I must do that week. In fact I’ll be in San Fran this Thursday attending … Continue reading

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My Biggest Competitor: The Status Quo

For the record, I’ve never heard of the British band “The Status Quo“. Apparently they are a pretty big deal in the UK, but unlike say the British Invasion bands (The Who, Beatles, The Rolling Stones, or even later Pink … Continue reading

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One year past, a leap forward.

So for the last year I’ve been working as a Sales Engineer with a IO manufacturer. This was my first position on the “Dark Side”, working day to day in the sales environment in support of the account management team both … Continue reading

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Tech Reporting Should Be Better

My RSS feed has a lot of technology reporting sites in it. I keep most of the feeds segmented into groups like Virtualization, Storage, etc. The interesting thing in doing it that way is that you get to see a lot of … Continue reading

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