DevOpolis Edition #1: Hello World

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 4.52.15 PMSo with the number of VMware vExperts topping 1000, it was becoming a little unwieldy to continue to scan through a thousand blogs and curate a vExpert Weekly Flipboard magazine, alas I let it kind of wither and die on the vine. If anyone else in the community has the time to carry on with the concept please let me know.

Now I find myself working in a different area and focus, much less standard virtualization and much more Cloud/DevOps oriented. I read a lot and am always trying to educate myself on the various platforms and products relevant to this space and as such, I’m creating a new Flipboard Magazine called DevOpolis that will be dedicated to a host of technologies, but will primarily focus on DevOps, Containerization, Automation, Cloud Computing, OpenStack, OpenCompute, and other Open Source efforts. So for your reading pleasure, please check out DevOpolis Edition #1: Hello World

As usual feedback is much welcomed. If you would like to have your blog added to my list just shoot me a message on Twitter @Bacon_Is_King. Hope you enjoy.

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