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Shameless Plug: VMworld Europe Tech Talk

For those of you who may have missed it live, I gave a brief tech talk around the state of the Converged Infrastructure marketplace as well as diving a little bit into what I am calling 3rd Wave of Convergence. … Continue reading

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The Federation Is Now Complete

Before reading further, read this post from Chad Sakac. Now allow me to talk out my ass and inject wild speculation prefaced by the fact that I’m speaking on my own behalf. First: I think when most people read that … Continue reading

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SNLDD Episode #9: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

The storage wars of the mid/late 2000s were fairly legendary, at least that was my take on it from an outsiders viewpoint. There was a period from around 2008-2011 where it went pretty hot and heavy,  with the various corporate bloggers/evangelists of … Continue reading

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In Tech We Trust

So I’ve been quiet on the blog as of late. Several reasons of course. The first few weeks at Cisco have been very busy and I’ve spent considerable time getting ingrained in the Cisco culture and learning how very large … Continue reading

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Hyper-Flash? Merging Hyperconvergence with All Flash

Today there was an article in the register by Chris Mellor about the Hyperconverged vendors looking to move to all flash inside their platforms. It’s obviously a logical next step to think that if you want ultra high performance in … Continue reading

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VMware joins the hyperconverged party

So the Mystic/Marvin cat is out of the bag and VMware has announced EVO:Rail as their entry in the Hyperconverged infrastructure space. There are several great blog posts about this announcement, and you can tell that VMware was very selective … Continue reading

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Dude you’re getting a Cisco?

First lets get the disclaimers out of the way. I am speaking on my own behalf and not that of my employer. So as you may have noticed, I’ve been a tad quiet as of late since changing jobs and … Continue reading

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#SNLDD Episode 8: New Kid on the Block.

It’s your first day at the new job or with a new team. Are you terrified or excited, or both? As all 3 of you who read this site know, I’m starting a new role at Cisco on Monday, and … Continue reading

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Always Be Changing

In terms of transition and change, I’d say that last 3 years for me have been significant  Moving from the day to day life of a rank and file IT worker and into a career in the vendor space in the role of … Continue reading

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SNLDD #7 Redux: When is it time to jump ship?

Ok, so tomorrow night we are finally launching this episode. Watch this space for the official link the episode so that you can watch real time on Google + Hangouts. The main event page is here. As with the last … Continue reading

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