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So I’ve been quiet on the blog as of late. Several reasons of course. The first few weeks at Cisco have been very busy and I’ve spent considerable time getting ingrained in the Cisco culture and learning how very large organizations work. Lets just say the transition from a company with 350 people to one with 74,000 takes a bit of adjusting. This said, I have a ton of stuff to write about coming soon, and will be setting down to commit fingers to keyboard soon.

ITWT-banner-960x460Now I have been involved in a new podcast venture called In Tech We Trust with Nigel Poulton, Hans De Leenheer, Marc Farley, and Rick Vanover. This is a group show where we will be discussing technical trends, tech news, and various technology banter.

This week’s episode just dropped so go give it a listen as we discuss:

  • Should EMC sell off VMware
  • Would an HP + EMC mega-merger have been a good thing
  • The value of R&D in big companies
  • Googles new mega data center planned for The Netherlands
  • NetApp’s secret launch of FlashRay
  • OpenStack

I’m really excited about this, as I’ve really enjoyed listening to many podcasts over the years. It’s somewhat surreal to be involved in a show with some of the people I’ve been listening to on podcasts over the last few years.  Being part of this show with some of the smartest people I know is really an honor.

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