2012 vExpert Nominations are now open

So while I twitter away all my free time studying for VCP5, which yes I will be taking on Feb 28th along with half the rest of the planet. I saw a tweet from@ChrisWahl (Wahlnetwork) that the vExpert nominations are now open for 2012.

Over at VMTN boards the vExpert page has the criteria up, as well as a revised FAQ .

I think it would be pretty sweet to be recognized as a vExpert. I know a lot of vExperts through twitter, from VMworld, and the Brown Bags that Cody Bunch and Damian Karlson put on every Wednesday.

I need to look further into the nomination process. While I may not think that I would qualify this year, if I can get the Orange County VMUG up and running I may qualify for next year. I will say, that I’ve helped several people with the VMware IO Analyzer since my post on it a while back, but I think my contributions to the VMware community would probably need to be a little more substantial.

Chalk that up to one more goal for the year.

Quick Edit: The nomination page is now open. If you feel that I have made an impact in the last year with my posts on VMware and Virtualization, please feel free to nominate me 🙂

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