vExpert Weekly Digest – Yes I paid my webhosting bill edition

11-18-2013 3-30-25 PMSo that was embarrassing. Having been on the road for some time, I realize that I probably should have actually listened to those GoDaddy spam messages that kept showing up on the home phone that I no longer use. Hosting Fail.

That said, massive travel efforts along with huge crazy awesomeness at work (aka $58M C-Round) has kept me completely bogged down in tech evangelism, selling, outreach, awesome. Still I’ve made time in my unrelenting schedule to whip up an edition of vExpert Weekly Digest for your reading pleasure. I’ve not forgotten about the half dozen unwritten blog posts that are still sitting in my skull. Once I figure out once and for all how to completely avoid sleep, I’ll start cranking them out.

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