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mask-oscars-you-love-me-bikerumorI’d like to thank the Academy ….  As many of those who blog or write in the VMware/Virtualization community know, Eric Siebert runs vSphere-Land and does an annual voting effort to rank the various VMware, Virtualization, and Storage related blogs.Here is the official list. I highly recommend looking through it and following as many as you like. I’ve had many of the top blogs in my RSS feed for several years. VMware also runs a PlanetV12n feed that aggregates a great number of them as well if you simply want one feed to follow.

This year I managed to show up on the radar and lo and behold 16 people voted for me. I am ranked 170th. Honestly I had no idea that I would be listed in the first place, and when I did find out I refrained from a pimp-my-blog post. Not to say I find anything wrong with that (I do sometimes have a penchant for shameless self promotion), I just felt that I had not sufficiently written enough decent Virtualization related content this year to be worthy. So with that said I am grateful to those who voted for me.

And with that, I feel like I have been slacking off when it comes to what I’m working on in the VMware realm and will be looking to publish much more content in the coming year. The tough part this last year has been that much of the work I am doing isn’t directly related to VMware 100% of the time and has been focused on a more broader scope of the larger data center, IO technologies, and convergence. Also, because I’m working for a vendor, there are different rules about what I can and cannot write about. It’s one of the pitfalls of making the switch.

So watch this space, I believe that I will have some pretty new and exciting content to put forth soon.

Also, a special shoutout to my #vDB peeps who were ranked much much higher than me 🙂

Virtual Langer (Jason Langer)  #62
ValCo Labs (Josh Coen) #126
vmDK (Damian Karlson) #166
mwpreston dot net (Mike Preston) #39
vNoob (Conrad Ramos) #127
vTesseract (Josh Atwell) #87

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