Survey Two: Which Hypervisor are you using in production?

ESX1So I’m late to listen to the older VUPAAS podcast episodes (which you should be listening too) and in Episode One, there was a quick discussion about upgrade path for ESXi, do you hop on the latest release right when it comes out, do you wait for U1 (ala the MS route of nothing is solid until service pack 1 is out) or are you still using older software in your production environment?

So survey number two for this week is Which Hypervisor are you using in your production environment? (Can you tell I just added the survey tool to my wordpress).

Oh and knowing that you may have more than one production environment, you can have multiple votes for each item.

Edited to add ESX 4.1 because @BobbyFantast1c has 800 hosts running it 🙂

Edit #2: I totally spaced KVM, so now its an option. This started out primarily as a VMware thing, but input from the community has expanded the scope, so there are some late additions. 

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