Some more benchmark results with IO Analyzer

Ok so digging a little deeper into how I had my config setup and running some more tests today. Wanted to see peaks for a single VM instead of several, even though I believe that multiple machines running multiple types of workloads is the better validation.

Made some changes to the test setup. One single VM with RDM mapped and eagerzeroedthick (per recomendations from Jinpyo Kim who is answering questions on the IO Analyzer site.

So a single VM running at MAX IO is hitting a sustained 19.2k IOPS, and from most of what I’ve seen 20k IOPS for a single VM is about peak. I’ve not seen much in the way of higher results from anyone else (though I could be wrong) that show a single FC connected VM breaching 20k IOPS for sustained periods. Now running on Fusion-IO cards or something of the like, yeah you will see much higher performance numbers, which is to be expected.

I get independent confirmation from Veeam Monitor as well as the XIV GUI.

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