#SNLDD Episode 8: New Kid on the Block.

503209-a3e88277e4865560f195e12b5f3aeb3fIt’s your first day at the new job or with a new team. Are you terrified or excited, or both? As all 3 of you who read this site know, I’m starting a new role at Cisco on Monday, and just scanning through my linkedin feed it looks like a dozen or so others in the virtualization community are starting new gigs as well. So it seemed like a good time to have a disucssion around the subject. Tune in and hear what our rag tag band of misfits have to say about the subject. 


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  1. timantz says:

    Find the toughest guy there and beat him up. After that, nobody will mess with you.

    Wait… that was advice for the first day in prison. My bad.

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