Always Be Changing


In terms of transition and change, I’d say that last 3 years for me have been significant  Moving from the day to day life of a rank and file IT worker and into a career in the vendor space in the role of technical sales has been fairly well documented on this here site.

I started with an established company (Emulex) and then moved into the opposite direction with a new start up (SimpliVity). Both positions offered adventure, challenges, learning, frustrations, and personal growth. Both positions held valuable teaching moments that have allowed me to better understand what it is I want out of this second career.  And the insight and experienced gained in during this time has lead me down a new path once again. As of this August, I will be starting a new position with Cisco Systems.

There I will be working as a CSE (Consulting Solutions Engineer) wimagesith the UCS Invicta team focused in the Solutions Provider and Media/Entertainment space. This will be a national role, so for those of you who do follow me on twitter, expect to hear more airline complaints 🙂

So it’s time once again to open the nozzle on the fire hose and start drinking. Keeping this post short and sweet as far as long deep introspective life altering announcements go, but trust (not butt rust, thanks Josh) me there will be a lot of content coming out in the near future on this site, and a lot of fodder for future SNLDD episodes.


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