SNLDD Episode #1: Saturday Night Live Deep Dive

saturday_night_live_cast_season_one_image__1_Crazy idea came to mind while listening to GS and Discoposse on the VUPAAS podcast this morning while out hiking, Saturday Night Live Deep Dive. Not sure what will come of this,but my thought was to do a simple tech presentation for a live audience on a Saturday Night. So tonight I’m going to setup a tech preview on some stuff I’ve been working on. It will be live, and interactive, and open to anyone who wants to attend, just fill out the form below and it will shoot me an email.Then I can send you an invite.


Well this idea has changed quite a bit since the original idea came into my brain. In the spirit of spontaneous combustion, this will now be a live call in show. I envision a mashup of Love Line, Jerry Springer, and Oprah but for technology people. Now the functional format of the show may change over time, but this week I’m going to try and use TalkShoe because its free, and can support chat and call in guests. Apparently this will be recorded as well and put into some form of podcast. God help us.

This Weeks Special Guests: Andy Banta, and Matthew Brender

Register for the show by clicking this link.

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