Kermit the Frog Gives a Semi-Technical Presentation

58390_527474307303656_60596929_nOtherwise known as #EngineersUnplugged. There is nothing more humbling than seeing yourself on video dissemble about technology with a whiteboard in the hallway of a hotel after a near week long fun-fest of technology discussions, and long nights schmoozing with your peers.

That said, the wonderful Dave Henry was kind enough to join forces with me at VMware PEX to do an episode of Amy Lewis’s Engineers Unplugged Video Podcast.

You are always your own worst critic, so yes I sound like Kermit the Frog, and Yes, apparently I’ve been unable to fight off the freshmen 15 this year and I’ve developed a second chin.

That said, it was a great experience, and Amy has been a truly great friend and peer. When it comes to the Social Media, community outreach, and a pure love of Bacon, there is no other person on this planet who has dialed it in as well as she has. Do yourself a favor and go watch all the episodes. There are some really great technology discussions are taking place.

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  1. Matt Mead says:

    I have an embarrassingly nerdy, high pitched voice. Whenever I hear myself recorded I cringe. Even just listening to my voicemail name recording sometimes makes me *facepalm*. Don’t worry about it! Other geeks don’t really care and are listening to the content of what you are saying so much they couldn’t care less what you sound like.

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