Cancer Can Suck IT – Podcasting for Cancer

So I write this while on a plane to Seattle to visit my Mom who is battling Stage IV Lung cancer that has 20130913150122-1600-Podcaster_mountednow spread from the lungs to the spine, and fluids around the brain. This comes just a year after I lost my Father to Liver Cancer. I lost my Grandmother as well as my Grandfather to the disease. Apparently it runs in the family. This is something I must remain mindful of as the years progress. For me “Fuck Cancer” is an understatement.

So not to be “Debbie Downer” there is a silver lining to be had. The technology community that I have ingrained myself in over the last several years has reacted with the same kind of pure intensity, energy, and drive that many of them pour into their love of Virtualization, Computing, and Enterprise Technology, by creating a charity podcast event to help raise money and awareness for Cancer research,

 Podcasting For Cancer.


It’s always too soon for cancer, sir.

After this unfortunate tweet an idea was bounced around the vBlogging community: vExperts and vBloggers will get together with vBrownbag and VMUG folks to put on a series of top-notch podcasts on relevant upcoming technologies that affect the visualization industry.  We would stand up a fundraising site with the proceeds going towards a cancer donation in the Chapman family name.

The response to this idea has been overwhelmingly positive.

A simple tweet that I sent out from pure frustration has gained momentum and with the help and effort of some truly amazing people within the community,  has turned into something really astonishing. I would be utterly remiss if I did not heap a huge offer of gratitude and thanks to Trevor Pott,from the Register who goes under the Twitter Handle @cakeis_not_alie and several other members of the vBrownbag, VMUG, and vBlogging Community for throwing their time and effort behind a good cause. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find someone who has not had a form of cancer hit them or a loved one in some way, it is my sincere hope that fewer people in the future will feel its touch.

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  2. Jason Lochinger says:

    That sucks.
    My thoughts are with you.

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