SNLDD#6 Getting Fired for prosperity and profit

Droid_FiredLike all things I do, this is sporadic, and spontaneous. Remember Conan knew what was best in life, I’m guessing that fluctuated as well. All that said, this week lets talk about getting shit-canned, how it happened, why it happened, and what the result was good or bad. 

For the record, I’ve been fired a few times. Sometimes it’s been warranted, others no so much. That said, I believe there is a lot to learn from the process, and that failure promotes learning. So lets have a chat about that.

Also, I continue to suck at Google Hangouts, therefor I will continue to use them. Though apparently they have made a few changes that make scheduling a hangout suck less. Seriously, I’m skeptical. Follow the link that will somehow magically transport you to the show when it starts here.

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