Vote for Bacon!

I-Vote-For-BaconIt’s that time of the year again, the annual voting for the Top 100 Virtualization Blogs over at vSphere-Land. Last year was the first time my site was considered for the award and I came in a #177. I’m hoping to push that number higher this year, so today I get to ask for your vote. If you feel like you have gained value out of the posts, and activities I’ve provided over the past year then please feel free to place me into your top 10 picks.

I’d also ask you to vote for members of the #vDB (Virtual Distributed Braintrust) :

  1. Josh Coen: ValCo Labs
  2. Josh Atwell: vTesseract
  3. Conrad Ramos: vNoob
  4. Jason Langer: Virtual Langer
  5. James Bowling: vSential
  6. Mike Preston:
  7. Damian Karlson: vmDK
  8. G. Chapman: Thankfully the Raid is Gone 

As always, huge shoutout to Eric Siebert for putting this together each year. His giant list of blogs is an invaluable tool for mind share and learning in the community.

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