vExpert Weekly Digest: 6 Months Later

vexpertweeklySo its been a six months now since I started curating the vExpert Weekly Digest magazine on Flipboard on a sometimes weekly basis (life happens). So far its been a pretty interesting experiment in using the platform. To date with 22 Magazine Editions there have been:

  • 707 Subscribers
  • 13156 Articles Flipped
  • 889 Articles Published

Some interesting anomalies. The very first episode had a huge readership turnout, 145 subscribers 2328 articles flipped from 57 articles, I’m guessing that’s about as big a reach as Newsweek magazine if you didn’t count all those doctor offices that subscribe to it.vExpert-1stEd

Then of course the week after was a little more in line with what I was expecting, 27 subscribers, 410 articles flipped from 49 articles. The trend line follows that pattern for the most part with readership going up and down by a few dozen people, etc.

The other outlier was the July 31st edition that just blew up, I’m guessing that could be attributed to VMworld announcements, but honestly I just dont know, there are no real good tracking analytics for Flipboard.vExpert-Edition

75 subscribers, 6668 page flips, with 37 articles. That is a pretty decent amount of turnout.

This of course brings me to my main complaint about the Flipboard format, primarily I can’t create a true subscription model that will follow from edition to edition. Each edition is its own unique construct so if someone follows the week before, they wont be automatically following the week after. In order to see all the magazines you have to subscribe to the user, aka me. I don’t like this aspect of it, but really that’s the only issue I have with the system so far. I’m sure they will work out a way to incorprate those changes into the system some time in the future.

The one nice thing today is that the service has gone online as well as via the app a far broader reach is achievable. Users don’t necessarily have to read the magazine from a tablet. As usual, I hope all the readers find value in the magazine. I’ve gotten some good feedback from the community regarding it, and honestly I kind of like collecting and publishing the articles. So it continues to be one of my contributions to the community.


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