Go to VMWorld for FREE!

vDestination.com rounded up some truly great sponsors to put a package together to send a lucky guy/gal to VMworld2012 for free.

*VMworld 2012 Full Conference Pass
*Air fare to SFO up to $500 USD
*5 nights hotel accommodations (Sun-Thurs)

Boy howdy sounds pretty awesome. I would enter, but I’m already going, and this is a contest thats based on need. So how do you enter?

This trip contest is based on need and need alone. If you can’t afford to go to VMworld, if your company won’t send you then this is your chance. In order to enter to win you will need to make a comment on this blog post and include the following three points in your comment:
(1)Describe to me and my sponsors why you need to go to VMworld 2012, (2)What you are most looking forward to (it’s okay if it’s Bon Jovi, it may be what I’m most looking forward to!) and (3)How you plan on paying it forward.
This shouldn’t take more than one paragraph really, you won’t have a better chance if you write a novel, keep it short and concise. You will be chosen by a panel of vExperts based on your answers to the questions above.

Doesn’t sound too bad at all. Thanks to the sponsors for this, Veeam continues to provide a great product and they continue their longstanding tradition of embracing the VMware Community. Same for the good folks of Train Signal, if I havn’t plugged the utterly awesome all you can eat Train Signal subscription enough, I’ll do it one more time because its the best $999 you will ever spend. And even though I’ve had my differences with them *cough* I’ll throw a link to Symantec who is putting up hotel for the winner.

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